GM-11 Scud

This GMAX® dual sport helmet is truly an all purpose helmet. The GM-11 is just as comfortable on your favorite fire road as it on the interstate. With the sun-blocking peak, it can be a commuters best friend as well. The GM-11 helmet is loaded with features and designs normally found on other high priced helmets, but delivered to you at a true GMAX® competitive value.


GM-11 Scud

  • DOT Approved
  • Can be quickly converted from a visor configuration to a visor-less configuration
  • Side shield plate covers come as standard equipment in the box to use when configuring to a visor-less set-up
  • Outer flip shield is completed hidden under the visor, and out of line-of-sight, when in the fully raised position
  • Large eye port that accepts large goggles
  • Visor is designed to allow airflow to pass uninterrupted across the helmet to virtually eliminate helmet-lift at highway speeds
  • Shield can be fully raised or lowered when using goggles
  • Plush removable/washable COOLMAX® interior
  • Intercom compatible with integrated speaker pockets
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Optional cold weather kit available P/N - 72-3348 (dual lens shield, breath deflector, chin curtain)

GM-11 / GM-11S Parts and Accessories

To order, contact a GMAX dealer with the GMAX Part Number and/or WPS Part Number. If you need help locating an authorized GMAX dealer, use our Dealer Locator tool.

Microfiche NumberItemDescriptionPart NumberRetail Price
1ShieldSingle Lens Clear72-334219.95
1 Single Lens Smoke72-334319.95
1 Single Lens Hi-Def Amber72-334419.95
1 Dual Lens Clear72-334529.95
1 Dual Lens Smoke72-334629.95
1 Electric lens Clear w/Cord Kit72-334794.95
N/AElectric Shield Power CordComplete Kit w/Fuse72-007316.95
N/A 18" Extension w/Male On Each End72-36564.95
N/A Coiled w/Male & Female Ends72-36575.95
N/A 41" Source Cord72-36555.95
N/A 41" Source Cord w/Fuse72-36586.95
N/A Arctic Cat Adapter Cord72-124310.95
N/AHelmet Cord ClipElectric Cord Clip72-36544.95
3, 4Ratchet PlatesShield Ratchet Plate Left/Right w/Screws72-33266.50
N/ARatchet Plate CoversFor use without visor72-33276.50
9VentsMouth Vent Matte Hi-Vis Yellow72-36729.95
9 Mouth Vent Matte White72-36739.95
9 Mouth Vent Matte Titanium72-36749.95
9 Mouth Vent Black72-36759.95
9 Mouth Vent White72-36769.95
9 Mouth Vent Titanium72-36779.95
9 Mouth Vent Matte Black72-36789.95
9 Mouth Vent Black Pre 201572-33109.95
9 Mouth Vent White Pre 201572-33119.95
9 Mouth Vent Titanium Pre 201572-33129.95
9 Mouth Vent Matte Black Pre 201572-33139.95
9 Mouth Vent Hi-Vis Yellow Pre 201572-33149.95
6, 7 Top Center w/Screw72-33505.95
5 Top Front Left & Right w/Screws72-33517.95
8 Top Rear Left & Right w/Screws72-33527.95
N/AComfort Liner21mm XS72-333317.95
N/A 18mm SM72-333417.95
N/A 12mm MD72-333517.95
N/A 15mm LG72-333617.95
N/A 12mm XL72-333717.95
N/A 9mm 2X72-333817.95
N/ACheek Pads30mm (XS Stock Size)72-332819.95
N/A 25mm (SM Stock Size)72-332919.95
N/A 20mm (MD/LG Stock Size)72-333019.95
N/A 15mm (XL Stock Size)72-333119.95
N/A 10mm (2X Stock Size)72-333219.95
N/AConversion KitMake SM & MD Helmet XS. Cheek Pads & Liner72-332429.95
N/ACold Weather KitDual Lens Clear/Breath Deflector/Chin Curtain72-334844.95
N/ABreath DeflectorCold Weather72-33399.95
N/AChin CurtainWarm Weather72-33405.95
N/A Cold Weather72-33415.95
10Trim RingBottom Black72-33496.50
6,10Visor Screws3 Pack72-33154.95
2,6,10Visor w/ScrewsWhite Pre 201572-331616.95
2,6,10 Black Pre 201572-331716.95
2,6,10 Matte Black Pre 201572-331816.95
2,6,10 Titanium Pre 201572-331916.95
2,6,10 Hi-Vis Yellow Pre 201572-332016.95
2,6,10 White/Silver Pre 201572-332116.95
2,6,10 Black/Silver Pre 201572-332216.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Red/White Pre 201572-336016.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Blue/White Pre 201572-336116.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Green/White Pre 201572-336216.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Yellow/White Pre 201572-336316.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Orange/White Pre 201572-336416.95
2,6,10 Nova Matte Black/White Pre 201572-336516.95
2,6,10 Nova Matte Black/Silver Pre 201572-336616.95
2,6,10 White72-366016.95
2,6,10 Black72-366116.95
2,6,10 Matte Black72-366216.95
2,6,10 Titanium72-366316.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/Dark Silver72-396116.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte White/Red72-396216.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/White72-396316.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/Hi-Vis Green72-396416.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Hi-Vis Yellow/Orange72-396516.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/Hi-Vis Orange72-396616.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte White/Black/Red72-366616.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Black/Dark Silver72-366716.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Silver/Hi-Vis Green72-366816.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Silver/Hi-Vis Orange72-366916.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Silver/Hi-Vis Yellow72-367016.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Red72-373016.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Blue72-373116.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Hi-Vis Green72-373216.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Yellow72-373316.95
2,6,10 Trekka Matte Black/Hi-Vis Orange72-373416.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Pink72-373516.95
2,6,10 Trekka Matte Black/White72-373616.95
2,6,10 Trekka Matte Black/Dark Silver72-373716.95
2,6,10 Vertical Black/Red72-335316.95
2,6,10 Vertical Black/Blue72-335416.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Hi-Vis Green72-335516.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Hi-Vis Yellow72-335616.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Hi-Vis Orange72-335716.95
2,6,10 Vertical Black/Pink72-335816.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/White72-335916.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Dark Silver72-332516.95
2,6,10 Pink Ribbon Riders Matte White/Black/Pink72-336716.95
2,6,10 Pink Ribbon Riders Black/White/Pink72-336816.95
2,6,10 Pink Ribbon Riders Plaid Black/Pink 201872-397116.95
2,6,10 Scud White/Red/Black72-338016.95
2,6,10 Scud Matte Black/Grey72-338116.95
2,6,10 Scud White/Grey72-338216.95
2,6,10 Scud Matte Hi-Vis/Black72-338316.95
2,6,10 Scud Matte Black/Orange/Grey72-338416.95
2,6,10 Scud Black/Pink/Grey72-338516.95
2,6,10 Trapper Grey/Neon Green72-339016.95
2,6,10 Trapper Blue/Grey72-339116.95
2,6,10 Trapper White/Silver72-339216.95
2,6,10 Trapper Matte Black/Red/White72-339316.95
2,6,10 Trapper Pink/White/Grey72-339416.95
2,6,10 Trapper Grey/Orange72-339516.95
2,6,10 Trapper Black/Hi-Vis72-339616.95
2,6,10 Trapper Matte Black/Grey72-339716.95
2,6,10 Trapper Matte Teal/Orange72-339816.95


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