GM-38 Solid

The GM-38 proves that quality doesn’t have to break the bank. With standard features like a quick change shield, snap in chin curtain, and GMAX’s D.E.V.S. anti-fog system, the GM-38 is the best bang for your buck in the GMAX® line.


GM-38 Solid

  • DOT Approved
  • Large eyeport opening for greater visibility
  • Quick change shield
  • GMAX® reduced noise design; specially designed cheek pads, neck curtain, optimal shield sealing and deluxe venting reduce unwanted noise
  • D.E.V.S. GMAX® anti-fog system, "Dual Exhaust Venting System" side intake and exhaust vents draw heat and moisture away from the shield area out of the helmet
  • Adjustable chin vents direct air upwards across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging
  • Deluxe ear pockets for better fit and speaker installation
  • Intercom Compatible

GM-38 / GM-38S Parts and Accessories

To order, contact a GMAX dealer with the GMAX Part Number and/or WPS Part Number. If you need help locating an authorized GMAX dealer, use our Dealer Locator tool.

Microfiche NumberItemDescriptionPart NumberRetail Price
1ShieldSingle Lens Clear72-030119.95
1 Single Lens Smoke72-030219.95
1 Single Lens Silver Iridium72-030324.95
1 Single Lens Blue Iridium72-030424.95
1 Single Lens Red Iridium72-052924.95
1 Electric Lens Clear w/Cord Kit/Holes for Flip Tint Lens72-088394.95
1 Electric Lens Clear w/Cord Kit72-088494.95
1 Dual Lens Clear72-088529.95
1 Dual Lens Smoke72-088629.95
1 Single Lens Flip Tint Kit72-108324.95
1 Dual Lens Flip Tint Kit72-108536.95
1 Single Lens Clear w/Holes for Flip Tint72-108219.95
1 Dual Lens Clear w/Holes for Flip Tint72-108429.95
1 Outer Flip Tint Lens Smoke72-108114.95
N/AElectric Shield Power CordComplete Kit w/Fuse72-007316.95
N/A 18" Extension w/Male On Each End72-36564.95
N/A Coiled w/Male & Female Ends72-36575.95
N/A 41" Source Cord72-36555.95
N/A 41" Source Cord w/Fuse72-36586.95
N/A Arctic Cat Adapter Cord72-124310.95
N/AHelmet Cord ClipElectric Cord Clip72-36544.95
N/AScrew28mm Used w/Flip Tint Lens 2pk72-10964.95
N/A For Shield Ratchet Plates 4pk72-03111.50
2Release ArmFor Shield 2 pk72-06784.95
2Ratchet PlateFor Shield Left & Right72-03486.50
2Inner SpringFor Shield Ratchet Plates 2pk72-03123.25
3VentsTop Front72-03375.95
5 Jaw Left & Right72-03165.95
4 Lower Front72-05833.25
N/ABreath DeflectorCold Weather72-03366.50

Parts and Accessories cannot be purchased online at this time.

If you need assistance, please contact your local GMAX dealer or contact us directly.