MX-46 Dominant

The MX-46 with it's light weight and DOT approved shell along with 19 vents creates maximum airflow keeping you cool and comfortable lap after lap.


MX-46 Dominant

  • DOT Approved
  • Maximum air flow is achieved through industry leading 19 vents
  • Removable, adjustable, washable interior allows for easy cleaning and custom fitting
  • High flow, removable mouth vent with washable filter
  • Vented roost deflector
  • Large eyeport allows large goggles and better vision
  • Fully adjustable, flexible and vented visor designed for maximum vision and protection
  • Lightweight shell: Large/2X only 2.8 lbs. Youth only 2.2 lbs
  • Optional cold weather breath guard is available P/N - 72-3407

MX-46 Parts and Accessories

To order, contact a GMAX dealer with the GMAX Part Number and/or WPS Part Number. If you need help locating an authorized GMAX dealer, use our Dealer Locator tool.

Microfiche NumberItemDescriptionPart NumberRetail Price
3Mouth VentMouth Vent Black w/Screw72-39535.95
3 Mouth Vent Matte Black w/Screw72-39545.95
3 Mouth Vent White w/Screw72-39564.95
N/A Replacement Foam72-39554.95
N/AVisor Screw Kit3 Pack72-38094.95
1Visor w/ScrewsMatte Black XS-SM72-391816.95
1 Matte Black MD-2X72-391916.95
1 Uncle Black/Red XS-SM72-392116.95
1 Uncle Black/Red MD-2X72-392216.95
1 Uncle Black/Blue XS-SM72-392416.95
1 Uncle Black/Blue MD-2X72-392516.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Orange XS-SM72-392716.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Orange MD-2X72-392816.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Pink XS-SM72-393016.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Pink MD-2X72-393116.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Silver XS-SM72-393316.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Silver MD-2X72-393416.95
1 Uncle Matte Orange/Teal XS-SM72-393616.95
1 Uncle Matte Orange/Teal MD-2X72-393716.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Hi-Vis Yellow/Blue XS-SM72-394016.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Hi-Vis Yellow/Blue MD-2X72-394916.95
1 Uncle Matte Blue/Hi-Vis Red XS-SM72-394716.95
1 Uncle Matte Blue/HiVis Red MD-2X72-394816.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Hi-Vis/Blue XS-SM72-394016.95
1 Uncle Matte Black/Hi-Vis/Blue MD-2X72-394916.95
1 Pink Ribbon Riders Plaid Black/Pink XS-SM72-3972S16.95
1 Pink Ribbon Riders Plaid Black/Pink MD-2X72-397216.95
1 Colfax Matte Black/Silver XS-SM72-3973S16.95
1 Colfax Matte Black/Silver MD-2X72-397316.95
1 Colfax White/Red/Blue XS-SM72-3974S16.95
1 Colfax White/Red/Blue MD-2X72-397416.95
1 Colfax White/Blue XS-SM72-3975S16.95
1 Colfax White/Blue MD-2X72-397516.95
1 Colfax Red/Black XS-SM72-3976S16.95
1 Colfax Red/Black MD-2X72-397616.95
1 Colfax Matte Orange/Black XS-SM72-3977S16.95
1 Colfax Matte Orange/Black MD-2X72-397716.95
1 Colfax Black/Hi-Vis Yellow XS-SM72-3978S16.95
1 Colfax Black/Hi-Vis Yellow MD-2X72-397816.95
1 Colfax Black/Hi-Vis Pink XS-SM72-3979S16.95
1 Colfax Black/Hi-Vis Pink MD-2X72-397916.95
1 Dominant Red/Black/White XS-SM72-321016.95
1 Dominant Red/Black/White MD-2X72-321116.95
1 Dominant Black/Pink/White XS-SM72-321216.95
1 Dominant Black/Pink/White MD-2X72-321316.95
1 Dominant Matte Black/Grey XS-SM72-321416.95
1 Dominant Matte Black/Grey MD-2X72-321516.95
1 Dominant Matte Orange/Black XS-SM72-321616.95
1 Dominant Matte Orange/Black MD-2X72-321716.95
1 Dominant Blue/Black/White XS-SM72-321816.95
1 Dominant Blue/Black/White MD-2X72-321916.95
1 Dominant Matte Black/Hi-Vis XS-SM72-322016.95
1 Dominant Matte Black/Hi-Vis MD-2X72-322116.95
1 Dominant Matte Black/White/Red XS-SM72-322216.95
1 Dominant Matte Black/White/Red MD-2X72-322316.95
1 Mega Matte Blue/Black/White MD-2X72-324416.95
1 Mega Matte Blue/Black/White XS-SM72-324516.95
1 Mega Matte White/Silver MD-2X72-324616.95
1 Mega Matte White/Silver XS-SM72-324716.95
1 Mega Black/Red/White MD-2X72-324816.95
1 Mega Black/Red/White XS-SM72-324916.95
1 Mega Matte Black/Neon Pink MD-2X72-325016.95
1 Mega Matte Black/Neon Pink XS-SM72-325116.95
1 Mega Matte Black/Grey MD-2X72-325216.95
1 Mega Matte Black/Grey XS-SM72-325316.95
1 Mega Black/Orange/Silver MD-2X72-325416.95
1 Mega Black/Orange/Silver XS-SM72-325516.95
1 Mega Black/Hi-Vis/Grey MD-2X72-325616.95
1 Mega Black/Hi-Vis/Grey XS-SM72-325716.95
N/ABreath DeflectorCold Weather72-34079.95
N/ACheek Pads30mm (XS Stock Size)72-390116.95
N/A 25mm (SM Stock Size)72-390216.95
N/A 35mm (MD Stock Size)72-390316.95
N/A 30mm (LG Stock Size)72-390416.95
N/A 25mm (XL Stock Size)72-390516.95
N/A 20mm (2X Stock Size)72-390616.95
N/A 15mm72-390716.95
N/AComfort Liner15mm XS72-391114.95
N/A 12mm SM72-391214.95
N/A 15mm MD72-391314.95
N/A 12mm LG72-391414.95
N/A 12mm XL72-391514.95
N/A 9mm 2X72-391614.95
N/A 6mm Fits XL-2X72-391714.95
2Trim RingBottom Trim Ring XS-SM72-37255.95
2 Bottom Trim Ring MD-2X72-37245.95

Parts and Accessories cannot be purchased online at this time.

If you need assistance, please contact your local GMAX dealer or contact us directly.