GMAX, LLC was founded in 1999 by a group of riding enthusiasts dedicated to the development of high-quality helmets for the powersports industry. Our mission is to deliver safe, high-quality helmets at affordable prices, and we are committed to continuously increasing the safety, quality, and comfort of our helmets. Since 1999, GMAX has become recognized by the industry as a premier high-value brand, has won several awards, and has built a robust distribution network comprised of hundreds of dealers across North America and other regions. 

Designed by riders, our product lineup is packed with the features that matter. A great example is our Cold Weather Kit. With the Cold Weather Kit, you can easily convert a street helmet into a cold weather helmet, giving one helmet multiple uses! Also available are size conversion kits, replacement parts, and other accessories to tailor your helmet to your needs without breaking the bank.  

While GMAX is proud of its industry relationships and growth, the “why” behind what we do has remained unchanged since the beginning. As riders we want to build helmets we would wear for prices we would pay, and we want to share what we do with our friends and customers. Customer feedback remains the number 1 motivation for future product development. 

GMAX brand has come a long way since 1999, but we are just getting started! Keep an eye on the GMAX website and social media. We are looking forward to sharing a bevy of all new helmets, graphics, and accessories in 2023 and beyond.