How do I ensure a proper fit?

A. See the GMAX Helmet Size and Fit Guide for a helmet size chart and helmet fitment tips, here.

What is the difference between DOT and ECE?

A. See our Safety & Certifications page, here.

Which model do I have?

A. Your GMAX helmet model will be found on the rear of the helmet near the DOT sticker, or inside the helmet on the size tag.  Look for a 2-letter + 2-digit model that starts with letters GM, AT, HH, MD, FF, MX, or OF.  Examples are GM-11, MD-01, MX-46, FF-98 or HH-65.  If your helmet has a letter S attached, this means it was originally packaged with snow accessories included (Example: GM-11S or MD-01S).

My helmet has a light on it. What does this light do?

A. If your GMAX helmet has an LED light installed, the power button will allow you illuminate the LED in a choice of solid or flashing modes for increased visibility while you are on the road or the trail.  The optional LED Brake Light Kit accessory can also be installed to use your LED as a break light synched to your ride.  If your helmet has a slot on the rear for the light kit, one can be purchased and easily installed. 

I read that I can hook up my helmet light to my brake light wirelessly?

A. Yes. In order to do so, you must purchase the LED Brake Light Kit separately for this feature to work. The Light Kit pairs up similar to how Bluetooth pairing works after a simple install to your ride. Brake light kits are available for the GM-54, GM-67, GM-68, AT-21, AT-21Y, FF-98, MD-01 and OF-77 helmet models.  See our Brake Light Kit Installation Video here.