LED Brake Light Installation & Pairing

Where the batteries are located for the MD-01, FF-98 and OF-77 Helmets

Installing a GMAX LED Brake Light Kit On Your Motorcycle

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  1. A pair of sturdy medium sized pliers.


  1. Locate the two wires that lead to the brake/tail light on your machine. There will be a POSITIVE (+) pole and a NEGATIVE (-) pole lead.
  2. Use the supplied wire clips to connect the YELLOW (+) wire from the transmitter box to the POSITIVE (+) wire leading to the brake/tail light. Connect the WHITE (-) wire from the transmitter to the NEGATIVE (-) wire leading to the brake/tail light.
  3. Once the transmitter is connected to the wiring harness leading to the brake/tail light, turn the machine on to test the transmitter, with the machine on, the light should be off, apply the brakes and the indicator light should illuminate.
    * NOTE: If the light is constant ON, the POSITIVE (+) lead (YELLOW) has been connected to the running light lead. Check to ensure that the machine’s brake light is working properly after the transmitter box is installed.
  4. After you have verified that the transmitter is working properly, secure the transmitter box to the machine ensuring that it is free from moving parts and pinch points.
    * The transmitter box is powered by the machine when it is installed.

How to Install the GMAX LED Brake Light Kit Into Your Helmet
(GM54, GM67, GM78, OF77)

It is critical to understand that you MUST replace or install the LED Brake Light Kit into the following helmets (GM54, GM67, GM78, OF77) after installing the transmitter on your motorcycle to properly sync up the rear light to your brake/tail light.

Printable PDF Instructions


  1. Small Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Small flat blade screwdriver.


  1. Locate the battery cover near the rear top of the helmet and slide it toward the front of the helmet.
  2. Underneath the cover, you will find a small Phillips screw that needs to be removed.
  3. When you remove the screw, the battery cover will pull off from the helmet exposing two AAA batteries in a small box that power the LED light.
  4. Pull out the battery box and disconnect the pin. Set the batteries aside for now.
  5. Next, remove the cover for the LED Light itself. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to pry up on the corner of the clear plastic that covers the red portion of the light itself.
  6. Pull gently and remove the plastic cover. You will find a thin gel diffuser in between the plastic cover and the light itself. Set both pieces aside.
  7. After the rear cover is off, you will need to remove to rear vent covers located on the immediate left and right side of the light.
  8. Start near the top of the vent and gently loosen by carefully unclipping the parts on both the left and right.
  9. After you remove the two vent pieces, you will find two small Phillip screws that will need to be removed. Set aside.
  10. Remove the LED Light and take the new LED light found in your kit and place in the rear of the helmet. Make sure that the pin to connect to the batteries feeds to the top of the helmet where the battery box sits.
  11. Reinstall the two small screws located on the sides of the light.
  12. Take battery box and re-attach to the small white power source located near the top of the helmet. Place battery box, install battery cover with the small Phillips screwdriver, and slide down battery cover to original position.
  13. Now reinstall the side vent covers by sliding the tabs in between the helmet shell and the LED light cover. Click both sides into place.

To test your helmet, simply click the power button on the light itself. There are five modes you can cycle through, the fifth of which will tell you if you have properly installed the transmitter and new LED Light Kit.


The LED Brake Light has five light settings that the user can cycle through based on preference:

  1. Solid on.
  2. Slow flash.
  3. Fast flash.
  4. Light turns on then quickly fades off.
  5. Brake light mode. The motorcycle MUST be turned on in conjunction with the helmet. Hit the brakes and the GMAX LED Helmet light should match up with your brake light for your ride.

If the brake light will not cycle through the modes or the light stays on, it is an indication that the batteries need to be changed.

How to Link Two LED Brake Light Kits to one Motorcycle or Snowmobile


  1. Remove a battery from the first helmet and wait 30 seconds.
  2. After 30 seconds, engage the brake on the motorcycle/snowmobile, hold down the button on the LED light on the helmet while simultaneously putting the battery back into the helmet.
  3. Hold down the button for 10 seconds, release, and then release the brake.
  4. The pairing worked if the rear light on the helmet illuminates when you grab the brake.
  5. Repeat the same process for the second helmet.

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