Frequently Asked Questions

A. See the GMAX Helmet Shield Removal and Installation page, HERE.
A. See the GMAX Helmet Size and Fit Guide for a helmet size chart and helmet fitment tips, HERE.
A. See our Safety & Certifications page, HERE.
A. To figure out which model of GMAX helmet you have, always refer to the back of the helmet. There you will see the DOT Certified or ECE 22.05 Certified sticker. GMAX will list the model number right under the corporate logo.
A. If you own a GM54 the light comes standard on your helmet. The light has three settings that come standard on the helmet. You can run the light in the steady mode option where the light stays on all the time, in slow flash mode, or fast flash mode. If you have a GM67 or OF77 the light can be added as an additional feature.
A. Yes. In order to do so, you must purchase the LED Brake Light Kit separately for this feature to work. The Light Kit pairs up similar to how Bluetooth pairing works. You can purchase brake light kits for the GM54, GM67 and the OF77 helmet models.

We have two PDF documents and videos for installation and pairing. This information is also available on the LED Brake Light Pairing & Installation page.

A. Yes. See our GMAX Warranty page for details, HERE.