MX-86 Cheek Pads
Cheek Pads 30mm(XS Stock Size) MX-86
Cheek Pads 25mm(SM Stock Size) MX-86
Cheek Pads 20mm(MD Stock Size) MX-86
Cheek Pads 15mm (LG/XL Stock Size) MX-86

MX-86 Cheek Pads

# Cheek Pads - MX-86
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When selecting replacement or new cheek pads for your helmet, your first option is to select the cheek pads which are marked as the same size as your helmet, such as S, M, L. That will be the stock size cheek pads for your helmet.
If you are looking to adjust your cheek pad size, start by locating the sizing tag on your current cheek pads. You should see something like “L, 15MM” denoting the helmet stock size, L, and the thickness, 15MM. From there you can pick a size that is thicker or thinner, as measured in millimeters, than your current size. Note that the size marked on the cheek pads is correlated to the helmet size, not the cheek pad size. For example, cheek pads sized for helmets XS or S will be thicker, and cheek pads for helmets XL or XXL with be thinner.
If you need further assistance selecting cheek pads, please contact us via our Contact Us page

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